Tea Talk

April 05, 2015


Things That Go Perfectly With Tea for Breakfast

Undecided on what to eat with your favorite tea for breakfast? Here are some ideas for the perfect breakfast pairings...

TOAST - Sounds simple but toast is such an easy quick pairing for a snappy breakfast. Whether you love jam, butter, avocado, cream cheese, or something else, we say go for it.

Recommended blends:  English Breakfast, Black Chai, Earl Grey, or Green Tea

FRUIT - Talk about a great detox that's good for you! This pairing is a match made in heaven. Grapes, mango, blueberries, raspberries, or whatever you fancy are the best for this breakfast treat.

Recommended blends: (Iced or Hot) Rooibos, Black Tea, Superberries, Ginger Honey or Honeybush Acai Berry are our go to's.

SPECIAL BREADS OR PASTRIES - Whether you're a banana bread buff, chocolate croissant -oholic, or a pumpkin bread connosieur, all are a delight when it comes to drinking perfectly matched blends.

Recommended blends: Japanese Green Sencha, Chocolate Rooibos, or Black Tea Chai