Red Holiday Tray - 60ct Sachet tea bags

A variety of our favourite holiday teas to enjoy with the family, while entertaining or to give away as gifts. 

IRISH HOLIDAY: Organic black tea. organic cinnamon pieces, organic rooibos, and organic ginger pieces with natural vanilla and natural Irish cream flavours.
SPICY PUMPKIN: Organic green tea, organic cinnamon pieces, organic ginger pieces, organic cardamom pieces, organic cloves, organic star anise, organic nutmeg and organic black pepper with natural cinnamon, natural orange and natural melon flavours.
HONEY MELON: Organic black tea, organic liquorice, organic cinnamon pieces and organic cloves with natural honey and natural melon flavours.
SOUR PEACH: Organic hibiscus, organic rosehip, organic lemon peels, organic lemongrass and organic cinnamon pieces with natural passion fruit and natural peach flavours.


Vendor: English Tea Shop