I absolutely love your (Original Ceylon Tea Co.) English Breakfast tea. I have recently moved to South Carolina and cannot find this tea is any stores down here!!! It's terrible. I would rather be able to find it in stores than online, so I can refer people to it at a moment’s notice, and can buy a box whenever I need to fill the craving. Can you please tell me if you know of anyone who carries this tea in the Columbia area?  Thanks so much!!  

-Jackie, South Carolina

I usually drink black teas but have recently been drinking green teas (for health reasons) even though they tend to taste like grass.  I recently purchased one of your green tea blends (English Tea Shop) Green Tea Pomegranate Cranberry and it is the most delicious tea I have ever tasted!  I purchased it in a store that will probably not be selling it on a regular basis as they tend to sell overstock items and availability of items is constantly changing. (TJ Maxx)

Please tell me if there is some way I can purchase more of this tea when I run out (after tasting the first cup I went back to the store and bought all 3 cans that they had in stock)! Thank you

Nina, Wilmington, NC, USA

 Hi, I picked up a box of your Raspberry Black Tea at my local grocer and by the time I had finished the box I had fallen in love with it! I searched for my new favorite tea in all of the nearby stores, but I could not find it anywhere. Next I searched on the Internet and have luckily found it both at Amazon and through the company directly. Original Ceylon Tea Company Raspberry Black Tea is my favorite tea of all! I drink it with bliss every morning, and if I'm lucky, I'll enjoy another cup at work. I feel like I've found the most unusual, elegant, tastiest tea that I've had the privilege of sipping! Now I buy it by the six box case and I often share a box with special friends in my life. Thank you for all the wonderful, relaxing tea times...


I just received my order for 1001 Nights! I couldn't be happier. The tea is just wonderful and takes me to 'my happy place.' Thank you for this amazing gem!  

-Tami, Facebook Post

Thank you for your prompt service.............order arrived on Saturday along with Hurricane Irene!  Great tea - so happy to find you online.  

-Marilyn, Richmond, VA