INTRODUCING: Super Ceylon Breakfast Tea

Try our Super Ceylon Breakfast Tea @ the introductory price $ 2.99 per unit of 25 x 2 gram Sachet Tea Bags (Regular Price $ 3.99). Buy 6 and pay only $5.95 for shipping !

Our Super Ceylon “Breakfast” Tea is a Pure Ceylon Tea made from garden fresh tea leaves grown on cool lush hill slopes of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), manufactured and blended by experts to give a brew or infusion unique in aroma and rich in flavor.

Why is Super Ceylon “Breakfast” Tea so unique?

Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, is known as the ‘Home of Good Tea’ for good reason. With over 125 years of experience growing and manufacturing tea, skills have been fine tuned and perfected. These skills combined with ideal and varied climatic landscape and elevational conditions for growing tea, are the reasons why it is natural that the world would acknowledge Ceylon as the ‘Home of Good Tea’. Our credentials are further guaranteed by the Ceylon Spotted Lion Symbol; a quality guarantee from the Government of Sri Lanka.

How to make a ‘Super’ cup or mug of tea